South Africa EXPO 2025

Brand Identity, Event Collaterals

April 2024

Program Used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Color

This project proposes South Africa as the host country for the 2025 EXPO. It began with in-depth research into the country's food, people, and landscape, resulting in a vibrant color palette uniquely inspired by South Africa. From this foundation, a range of deliverables was developed, including Postcards, Posters, Food Truck Designs, Food Packaging, T-shirts, Stickers, and more.

Country Highlights

  • Made up of high, flat areas called plateaus
  • The "Big Five" – lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros
  • Dutch colonial architecture in the Cape Dutch style
  • Traditional thatched-roof homes
  • Boerewors: a common sausage in South Africa
  • Referred to as the "Rainbow Nation" due to its diverse and multicultural society
  • 11 official languages
  • Vibrant arts and crafts scene: beadwork, pottery, basket weaving…
  • Gold and diamond are important in mining industry

Color Palette

The dominant colour in South Africa is YELLOW. It’s the colour of gold, which roots in the history of South Africa. The subordinative colours are cyan and blue. They can be found in traditional costumes, buildings and crafts.

I chose a split complementary color harmony, highlighting the dominant yellow of South Africa, alongside complementary cyan/blue-green tones. Drawing inspiration from the Ndebele tribe, an ethnic group in South Africa, I crafted a color palette with moderate saturation. To enhance the design, I incorporated more lines to evoke a crafty and retro vibe.


Each postcard embodies one aspect of the triad: food, people, and landscape/architecture. The challenge lies in seamlessly integrating the chosen color palette and maintaining a consistent visual language across all designs. Sketching plays a significant role in this project, as I create as many hand-drawn thumbnails to experiment with various styles, layouts, fonts, and text positioning.

I employed a symmetrical layout for the postcard set to directly showcase the three aspects. In the food-themed postcard, I included beloved dishes such as boerewors, biltong, and koeksisters on the left, alongside potjieko on the right. The people-themed postcard features illustrations of a woman and man adorned in traditional attire and face paint. As for the architecture postcard, I highlighted the iconic Cape Dutch architecture alongside a traditional thatched-roof building.

The typeface I selected is Icone for its excellent readability and its assertive, retro aesthetic.

Poster & Foodtruck

Ceremonial dance holds a pivotal role in South African culture. To honor this tradition, I incorporated a vibrant dancing scene into the poster design for this project. Additionally, for the food truck design, I integrated elements such as dairy cows and fresh fruits to enhance its visual appeal and captivate the audience's interest.

Travel Stamp & Stickers

Travel stamps are a favorite souvenir at EXPOs. I used patterns from Zulu shields and ceremonial drums to create a welcoming vibe. The stickers showcase stunning South African landscapes including Table Mountain, Hole in the Wall, and Victoria Falls.

Food Package & T-shirts

More Sketches